Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Customizable Bucket Bags...Hostess Exclusive!!

Here are pictures of the really cute bucket bags that have been created by fellow Heritage Maker Consultants.  These are an exclusive benefit to our Hostesses for a limited time.  

They are completely customizable with pictures and or words.  And of course you don't have to put Heritage Makers on them. :-)  These consultants are using them as a great way to advertise their home business.  They can showcase your family, business or one of my baby dogs. :-)  The skies the limit, it's up to you!  Contact me right away if you would be interested in inviting some friends and family for a fun Heritage Makers party.  You could be enjoying one of these yourself. :-) 

Showers of Blessings,



Thursday, June 14, 2012

Here's a Savings Coupon for CK Show this weekend

I hope many of you will make it by my booth this weekend at the Creating Keepsakes Expo at The Woodlands Marriott.  I'll have some exciting specials!  Plus don't forget I'll be heading over to Panera at The Woodlands Mall after the show ends at 6:00 on Friday for a couple of hours to share some tips and tricks as well as help familiarize those that stop by with the digital studio. 

Showers of Blessings,

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Double your Dollars!!

This is exciting!  Double your Dollars!  This says Show Special.  However, if you mention you saw this I'll honor it the whole month of June!!  Contact me for details...You'll be so glad you did!  :-)

Click image to enlarge and or print

Showers of Blessings,

Creating Keepsakes Convention in The Woodlands

I would love for you guys to stop by the booth during the CK Expo.  I'll be there Friday, June 15th from 9-6 and Saturday, June 16th from 9-5.  I'll have some new exciting samples to show you.  As well as the opportunity to take advantage of the Show only Hostess Special. 

Also, I know many of you will be getting to enjoy a weekend get away for the show.  If you would like to come by Panera Bread right there in the Mall area by Cheesecake Factory I plan to be there after the expo on Friday for a couple hours.  If you have a computer be sure and bring it along so you can play in the studio.  Or if you'll let me know I'll be sure and reserve one of my extras and bring it along.  I'll be happy to help you get started as well as share some tips and tricks. 

Take care and I hope to see many of you next week!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bon voyage...Blog only Special

Hi Friends,

It's that time...I'm putting last minute things together to leave tomorrow for my Heritage Makers Cruise!  I am having so many different emotions right now.:-)  I'm excited of course to be going on my very 1st all expense paid HM cruise.  However, I'm also a little nervous and anxious about leaving Ashleigh and the puppies. :-)  And of course...what if I forget something!  Oh well...I suppose I just need to take a deep breath, try to get a good nights sleep and give in to all the fun and relaxation we are going to have.:-)

I hinted a couple weeks ago that there might be a Special for while I'm away.:-) you go! Of course I leave tomorrow...January 20 and will return next Thursday, January 26th.  During this time, anyone who signs up for a Club HM account (you can do this by going to the "my account" tab right in your studio) will be transferred 15 Publishing Points as soon as I get back!  And if you are really excited and want to Join my Team while I'm gone I'll make that 30 Publishing Points!  You can find a link to do that by clicking on the Business Opportunity tab right here on my website.  Just think you could be cruising for Free with me! plan is to take my laptop to keep in touch with home and check for anything urgent when I can squeeze in time away from the deck chair.:-)  So, if you would like to send an email please do!'ll be anxious to share a little tidbit of all the fun we are having and help you along the way if I can!

Showers of Blessing to you all!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to a brand new year!

Hello my Heritage Makers friends,

I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday season.  Our Christmas and New Year's holidays were wonderful.  We had lots of friends and family visiting throughout and lots of fun was had by all.  :-)

I'd like to thank each of you who have supported my business over the past year.  I've been so fortunate to meet so many nice and thoughtful people while working my business and for that I am especially grateful.  Business is actually really good and I'm looking forward to a brand new 2012.

In the coming year I want to make sure everyone gets as much support as they would like or need.  I thought if we all had a time planned it might help to pencil some dates to stay caught up and even ahead with our special projects for this year.  You'll find on the website I have updated my calendar for digi crops for the whole year.  You'll find more details by clicking on the date of the event in the calendar.  I hope this will help many of you to plan to join us sometime.  It will be lots of fun and we are sure to get plenty of our photos and stories in some pretty amazing projects along the way!  Please remember I will need an RSVP for planning and preparation.  Also, with planning out a whole year in advance there is always a chance there could be a need to tweak a date due to an unforeseen unchangeable event.  My goal will be to keep any updates current on the calendar.  As well as a quick blog post saying something has changed and to check it out. 

Many of you all ready know but in case you don't...Mike & I will be cruising with Heritage Makers in a couple of weeks. :-)  Yes, I earned a FREE trip to Belize and Cozumel.  My Dad is coming to stay with Ashleigh and the puppies so it will be just Mike & I.  We are so excited!  This will be my first to take with the company so I'm sure I'll have lots to share and talk about when I get back.  In fact you might want to check out the blog while I'm gone, If I'm able to get online while away I'll try to post a little update or two of some of the fun. :-)  And who knows you might even see a "blog only special" :-)

In case you don't get to that calendar right away or you don't notice...I have "2" Digi Crops before I leave on the 20th.  I hope you can come digi crop with me either Thursday, January 5th at Panera or Friday, January 13th at my House.  And yes, it's Friday the 13th...but hey that's just a superstition right?  :-)  Just be careful on your way over. :-)

Showers of Blessings to everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Intro to Heritage Makers Webinar Scheduled

Hi Friends,

From my previous posts you see I spendt my weekend at the Pet Fest in Old Town Spring.  It was great fun but now I have a different kind of fun to take part Introduction to Heritage Makers Webinar.  I met lots of people excited about HM and all the possibilities it has to offer so a live webinar is definitely in order.

Here is the registration link for anyone who would like to tune in.  I'll be giving an overview of all the various products HM offers along with inspiring you with some awesome samples and ideas.  However, the really fun part will be when I log into my own publishing account and show you the digital studio and how easy it can be.  I'll end with the various ways to get started and of course save the most money. :-) 

Tuesday, 8:00pm - 9:00pm

If you are not familiar with a'll register with link I've provided.  A confirmation email with a new link to join the actual webinar will be sent to you along with reminder emails as it gets closer.  Just before the webinar starts you will click on that link and follow the prompts.  Once connected you will be able to see and hear the presentation.  The beauty of it is you'll be able to ask questions through the Q&A box but no one will be able to see or hear you so feel free to get comfy and enjoy as I unfold the magic of Heritage Makers!

I hope you can join me!  Feel free to forward this to anyone you know that may also be interested.

Showers of Blessings,