Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bon voyage...Blog only Special

Hi Friends,

It's that time...I'm putting last minute things together to leave tomorrow for my Heritage Makers Cruise!  I am having so many different emotions right now.:-)  I'm excited of course to be going on my very 1st all expense paid HM cruise.  However, I'm also a little nervous and anxious about leaving Ashleigh and the puppies. :-)  And of course...what if I forget something!  Oh well...I suppose I just need to take a deep breath, try to get a good nights sleep and give in to all the fun and relaxation we are going to have.:-)

I hinted a couple weeks ago that there might be a Special for while I'm away.:-) you go! Of course I leave tomorrow...January 20 and will return next Thursday, January 26th.  During this time, anyone who signs up for a Club HM account (you can do this by going to the "my account" tab right in your studio) will be transferred 15 Publishing Points as soon as I get back!  And if you are really excited and want to Join my Team while I'm gone I'll make that 30 Publishing Points!  You can find a link to do that by clicking on the Business Opportunity tab right here on my website.  Just think you could be cruising for Free with me! plan is to take my laptop to keep in touch with home and check for anything urgent when I can squeeze in time away from the deck chair.:-)  So, if you would like to send an email please do!'ll be anxious to share a little tidbit of all the fun we are having and help you along the way if I can!

Showers of Blessing to you all!