Tired of boxes of unorganized photos?  No time to scan with your slow flatbed scanner?  Most people have over 1000 photos that they consider very important to protect and save.  They are the 1st thing we grab in case of fire or storms.  With my top of the line Kodak scanner I am able to scan 30 photos a minute, saving you hours of time and money.  Also with the retouch feature I am able to apply, older photos that have discolored or faded especially will see a wonderful difference!  

Here is a sample of before and after photos that have been scanned using the retouch feature...


Don't let your memories fade with damage done to your photos in old albums and boxes in storage.  Get your memories out of the box and digitized today!

Scanning provides:
  • Peace of mind knowing your photos are safe from fire, water, and other dangers.  
  • An easy way to share your photos with all your friends and family.
  • A simple way to get your photos onto the computer and ready for other projects like blogging or storybooking! 
1-99 photos for $.25 per scan
100-499 photos for $.20 per scan
500-1000 photos for $.19 per scan
1000+ photos for $.10 per scan
(prices are for photos between 2x2 and 8x10 inches in size with scanning resolution set to 300 dpi)

Photo Rotation: INCLUDED!
Basic Color Correction: INCLUDED!
CD of Photos: INCLUDED!

Contact me today to schedule a scanning appointment or local photo pickup!

Kelly Doan
Quick Scan for You
Phone:  281-430-4807
Email:  kdoan3@mac.com