As an Independent Heritage Makers Consultant I am enthusiastic about helping you preserve your precious memories and your success in using our system is my #1 goal. I look forward to growing together as we share the message of Heritage Makers!  I am so excited to be a Personal Publishing Consultant with Heritage Makers. The meaningful difference I make in the lives of others is priceless and I love that I can work from home and manage my business around the most important thing to me, my family. Storybooking has become a way of life for me that is rewarding and fun!

  I would love to share a little bit about me personally so you can get to know me a little better.  First of all, I've been married to my loving and supportive husband Mike for almost 20 years.  I consider myself a career builder with Heritage Makers and work my business full-time.  I've found the flexibility of a home business is the perfect fit for our family.  I'm able to be a part of all the family events and be where I want to be while also feeding my need for personal growth and fulfillment.  Not to mention contribute to our future retirement!

We live in Spring, Texas which is just North of Houston in a community called Gleannloch Farms.  We love it here.  We've made very special friendships with some of our neighbors and Ashleigh has plenty of kids her age to enjoy lots of fun times together. 

 Mike & I have a daughter named Ashleigh.  She is going to be 14 in October and is excited about being in the top grade in her o middle school next year.  Being an only child, she loves to be the center of attention and takes the opportunity any time it presents itself.  :-) We love her dearly!  It very true, life is never dull around our house.  :-) She doesn't really know she's almost 14, she thinks she is 18! 

 Not to be forgotten we have 3 very important members of our little family...Kobe, Gigi & Rocco.  If anyone has it made, it would be them.  I don't know what I would do without their little furry selves to keep me company sometime.  All that "unconditional puppy love" goes a long way!  :-)

I hope my little bio gives you a little insight about me.  I would love to share my passion for Heritage Makers with you.  It would be my pleasure!  I'll look forward to getting to know you better in the future!